SSS HR & Payroll

Features of SSS HR & Payroll

Empoloyee Management

  • Employee Master, Designation, Branch, Department, Grade, Bank Account Details, Government IDs, Employee Status

Attendance Management

  • Attendance Policy, Late comers, Early Goers, Over time, Attendance Roaster, Weekly Off

Shift Management

  • General Shift, Double Shift, Triple Shift, Shift Assignment, Configure Shift IN/OUT Times, Break Time

Leave Management

  • Create Custom Leave Types, Leave Entry,

Holiday Management

  • Create & Assign Holidays by Branch, Define work on Holidays policy

Over Time

  • Define OT policy, Tracking Employee Over Time, Include OT payment in Payroll

Salary Structure by Grade

  • Create custom salary structure by Grade, Add variable components (Earnings & Deductions)


  • Generate Daily/Weekly/Bimonthly/Monthly Salary with applicable Earnings & Deductions, OT,Salary Register, Bank Credit Statement

Loan & Repayment

  • Issue Loans, Configure mothly EMI options, Auto deduct EMI during Payroll process

Bonus Calculation

  • Generate Bonus as per Client's bonus policy


  • Employee List by Department by Branch, Attendance Reports, Leave Reports, Salary Reports, Attendance Roaster