SSS Clinic Management System

Features of SSS Clinic Management System

Patient Registration

  • Case Registration, Patient ID with Barcode, Patient Category


  • Create appointments, Appointment Mode, Appointment Type, Issue system generated tokens, Skip/Resume/Cancel appointments, SMS appointment confirmation to Patients


  • View Case sheet, Clinical Photography, Clinical Lab Records (optional),Diagnosis entry, Digital Prescription,


  • Individual Counselling, Health Education,

Case Sheet

  • Clinical History, Clinical Photographs, Clinical Lab Reports

Clinical Photography

  • Upload Clinical Photographs of before and after treatment, View/Zoom/Compare Photos

Income & Expenses

  • Enter income from other sources, Day today expenses tracking, Daybook


  • Billing of Special Treatments & other miscellaneous items


  • Daily Outpatient Summary, Daily Fee Collection

Clinical Lab (On Demand)

  • Create Tests, Test Groups, Enter reference values and results, Print reports

Pharmacy Management (On Demand)

  • Drugs Master, Point of Sales, Cash Receipt, Bill Printing, Sales Reports, Medical Register