SSS Accounting System

Features of SSS Accounting System


  • Purchase entry, Purchase return, Debit Note, Itemwise analysis


  • Stock, Stock Movement, Aging Stock, Reorder List, Itemwise Analysis, Delivery Challan


  • Estimates, Bill of Supply, Invoices, Credit Note, Sales Return, Invoice against Delivery Challan


  • Payment, Bill by Bill payment, Payment alerts by Credit days


  • Receipts, Bill by Bill Receipt, Receipt alert by Credit days


  • Day Book, Ledger Book, Cash / Bank Book, Outstanding Payable & Receivable, Sales Register, Purchase Register, Itemwise Profit or Loss Analysis,

Cash / Bank Management

  • Cash Book, Bank Book, Bank Reconscillation, Cheque Printing


  • Trial Balance, Trading Account, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet

GSTR Filing

  • GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B (will keep updated as per Government Statutory)

Production (On Demand)

  • Ability to attach production module as per client's requirement

Email / SMS Alerts (On Demand)

  • SMS / Email alerts dutring Billing, Payment, Receipt, Overdues of outstanding, etc.,

HR & Payroll (On Demand)

  • Ability to attach HR & Payroll module integrated with biometric devices